Sunday, January 25, 2009

1 Month Later...

Yes, that's right, for my few faithful blog readers (I hope I haven't scared you away with my lack of posting!), I'm back and on the blog with updates, a whole new year of sharing God's working in life, and a commitment to just being real and being who I am...a constant area of growth for me as I take life day by day.

With that said, though yes, I posted a month ago, so much has happened that I really look forward to sharing in the next few days now that I'm motivated to be back on this thing :). I've spent the last few weeks really in a place where I was introverted, having a hard time being public, if you will, about things going on- so I thank you, friends, for your continued support and love even if I've been absent.

More to come this week...but for now, on January 25th, I wish you all a Happy 2009. As I look ahead for me, I have no idea what God has in store which is both exiting and scary. I pray a new year of blessings will be for you all, and I look forward to seeing what God has in store.
Thanks for hanging in there and checking in to my blog!


Elizabeth & Shea said...

way to go back online. I'm a faithful reader. :)

Traci said...

Welcome back! :-) Love you!

Alicia said...

Welcome back!