Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where did December go?

As I promised, I'm back with a little update to catch ya'll up to speed on what's up with Emily :).
December flew by, as I headed to Hawaii for 6 days (see this post). It was a fabulous trip!
6 days later (about the time I fell off the blog world) I headed to the hospital at USC for a 'tune-up' in clearing out infection in my lungs and also to get sinus surgery for the first time ever...Thus, the reality of CF caught up with me and though I felt great in Hawaii, I couldn't avoid the need for some IV meds and clearing the infection festering in my lungs. Both the tune-up and surgery went extremely well and though I endured 10 days of being admitted in the hospital (it was rough during the Christmas season), I was blessed by friends and family during that time. God provided many to help keep my spirits up :).
Here's a pic of a little Christmas party some friends threw in my hospital room:

I ended up being there 10 days when finally, by God's grace I was able to go home Christmas Eve, and though I was a little drugged up on pain medication from my surgery on the 22nd, it was a blessing to be home with my family for Christmas day. We had a great time (sorry no pics, I wasn't totally aware so no pics were taken)- good food, good family time and a long nap made my Christmas one of the most relaxing times ever.

It took 4 weeks or so for me to really start feeling well after IV's and surgery- the surgery recovery was more of a process than I had anticipated. I am NOW glad to have done it but during those first 2 weeks afterwards, man- it was rough...snot, blood, drainage, you name it (I won't get too graphic...and I didn't take pics knowing that it might gross you out). All that is to say, I had excellent care both from Docs, nursing staff and at home, nurse Mom and Dad. Thanks to God for providing all I needed and helping me recover well!



Katey said...

Glad you are feeling better! So when you go in the hospital at USC for a tune-up...what floor are you on? I'm guessing 5...but just curious, since I spent 3 wonderful months at USC!!

Katey said...

Thanks for the info. Yea, 5 must be where transplant patients go...I thought they said it was a pulmonary floor, but can't remember. Yes, I had a transplant...5 years ago this USC. My mom and family friend who were my donors stayed on that floor too and the other cf transplants at that time, so that must have been what is was!

And our hospital is like community...2nd home, or at least it was for me. the nurses and RTs became family.