Friday, December 12, 2008

Hawaii (Part 1)

There is so much to tell and so many pictures to include!!
But let me first share the purpose of my trip and what we did...The Mauli Ola Foundation graciously sent me to Hawaii and paid for our team to go- we put on 2 events for raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. The first event was a golf tournament- we had many different surf companies and their surfers join us for this event and we raised money to put on a surf day for CF kids on the island! That was the highlight of my trip...seeing parents and kids get totally blessed by pro surfers from Volcom and Da Hui, it was an amazing day! We made sure that all contact/cross-contamination procedures were followed, so the kids were totally safe and each kid with CF got a private surf lesson from at least 2 pro surfers!!
A major thank you to Volcom for providing not only surfers, but an incredible heart behind the event- they truly loved on the kids. Also, major thank you to Da Hui and big surf influences on the island such as Mick O'Brien and Kala Alexander...everyone worked so hard to make that day happen, it was an awesome experience for the kids. Each kid came away with amazing memories :).

Check out this volcom blog to see pics from the golf tournament and surf day (scroll down to 12/5/08 and 12/7/08)...

Here are a few pics (I made them smaller so I could fit more in...there were so many to pick from!)
Mauli Ola Golf Tournament

Me, speaking to the golfers about CF

Erin and I rolling around in our golf cart...we didn't golf, but we had a lot of fun :).
Hanging with the Volcom team!

Hanging with the Mauli Ola Boys

Surf Experience Day for Cystic Fibrosis
Props to Volcom & Da Hui
Me and Mikey of the managers for the Volcom team. Raddest guy ever!

Pro Surfer Alex Gray with 2 CF patients...rock on!
Me with surf pros, Kala Alexander and others from Da Hui
Everyone rocking the surf day on the beach at Haleiwa Beach Park
Me and Volcom pro surfer, Claire- she is a stud!


Traci said...

What a cool experience, Emily!!!

Elizabeth & Shea said...

I love it! More! More! More!

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Emily! You're famous! I hope you find a hot Jesus lovin' surfer boy soon! :)

casey caston said...

you go girl!