Friday, March 13, 2009

A Round of IV's

After fighting a sinus cold for a few weeks I am bummed to say that my cold traveled to my lungs and has brought my Pulmonary Function levels down, increased my mucus and has and made my breathing difficult. So I started a round of IV antibiotics this week to fight the infection and bring my lungs back to normal. I am thankful to be able to do these medications from home and not from the hospital :). Though it takes more coordination of my schedule and extra effort to make sure my meds and treatments are done, I am happy to be sleeping in my own bed!

I ask for your prayers these next two weeks:
-Pray the meds will be effective and my lungs will bounce back to my normal function levels
-Pray I can get some rest. My meds are every 6 hours and have some gnarly side effects.
-Pray I can maintain life as well as be careful to care for my body's needs

Thanks, friends...and if you encounter some random blog posts on here, it's because i'm up at odd hours pumping meds into my system and trying to keep myself awake ;)

1 comment:

Elizabeth & Shea said...

love you, Em
I'll be praying that you be encouraged through the next draining weeks