Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello, OBX!!

That's right...the fam and I are hitting the beach on Ocracoke Island for the next 2 weeks, its great! So if you don't hear from me, i'm here....just sitting on the beach and surfing a lot :). It feels great, I love the east coast :).

When I get back I'll get some pics from Pipeline up here, but until then- I'll be surfing!
Love to all!

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Christina said...

Hi Emily!
I just recently started working at Starline Films as an assistant producer with Fran Ganguzza, whom I understand you met at the Pipeline to a Cure event.
I know that she was telling you about our upcoming feature film, Beyond Breathing. I know she is interested in discussing this project in greater detail with you, in hopes of possiblity of including you in our upcoming events with the CF Foundation.
If you're interested and could send me your contact information, I can forward you some more information about the film and events. My email is
Have fun in OBX, I was just there for a week and it was awesome!

Christina Gorbenko