Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh where has September gone??

Wow, the end of September already....what the heck?!

Since the month decided to get away from me and haven't updated my blog, here's a recap of my September in a nutshell... I'm back to work at the same community college, interpreting and walking around the hot campus (thank goodness its finally cooling down now, lets hope it stays like this!). I went to the Big Island of Hawaii with my folks over the week of Labor Day and LOVED every second of the Aloha environment, warm water and balmy air. It was an awesome time having my body be restored away from the fires in LA and rest, my lungs and soul were grateful (yes, I will post some pics :). Followed that with some sweet surfing time here in Cali before the warm water goes away and ending it with last weekend in Denver, Colorado for a quick 36 hour trip to celebrate with college friends for the wedding of a dear friend, Eddie Kim (congrats, Eddie!!).

Whew! What a month huh? Overall coming off summer its been hard to adjust back to life at work and in the normal routine. I had such an incredible summer with all that happened with Pipeline to a Cure, going to North Carolina and spending sweet time with friends. It feels weird to be back into a fall routine, but I am grateful to have a job and to be back in the swing of things now. Hope your fall has started out well, dear blog readers :)

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