Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Simple Letter

Dear Food,
How I miss thee! Oh how I miss the joy of eating delicious appetizing food. Why can't I be hungry? Please start tasting good and settling happily in my stomach, I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


ps. In case you didn't get it, I want my appetite back! I'm on day 14 of having this swine flu and my appetite has not returned....I'm ready to start wanting to eat again!


Cara said...

I feel ya! When I had the lovely swine flu, my appetite was shot, but only for about 4 days. Hopefully yours will come back very quickly!!

Jess said...

Hey Emily! Here's the link for the PFT monitor I got. I didn't know they existed either, until I did a little research. I paid $45 for it and love it.

Katey said...

Praying you get your appetite back soon so you can enjoy some yummy food. I'm just now reading that you had the swine flu and are in the hospital...SORRY!!! Praying for you!! HOpe you feel better soon and I will make sure to keep reading for updates :)

I know you are in good hands! I miss some of the people from there!