Friday, December 25, 2009


This Christmas, I learned an entire new meaning of the word Hope. I haven't had much energy to blog the last week as I've been in the hospital fighting another infection. As I was admitted last saturday, the first thing that came to mind was "I might miss Christmas at home", and almost immediately, I was filled with an unspeakable Hope. 

As I think today of the story of Jesus, the entire reason we celebrate, I think of the amount of Hope that kept people going before the Messiah arrived. For 400 years, they had waited and hoped that the messiah would come save them- 400 years...without any response, or even a glimmer of hope. Yet they kept hoping that maybe the next year HE would come. When Mary was told she would have a baby, which seemed the most impossible thing on earth, the angel comforts her with the thought that "nothing is impossible with God", Luke 1:37. Again, the idea of hope. Hope that it's God's work, she's in God's hands and nothing is to big or too impossible that God can't do it. We were given a savior because nothing is impossible with God, perpetual Hope that God is in control.

I've read and heard the story of Christmas for many years and this year, it took on a whole new meaning. This year, as I was filled with Hope in the hospital for the 6 days leading up to Christmas, I never once doubted that I was in God's hands. I never feared that I wasn't being taken care of, and each moment I was worried or scared, God continued to bring to mind "Nothing is impossible with God".  God continued to fill me with hope, drive out fear, and remind me I was loved. Nothing is impossible- coming home for Christmas, breathing easier, medications working, or even a cure for CF. Nothing is impossible with God.

So tonight as I finish up my IV medication and hit my pillow, I want to thank God for reminding me of that, showing us the Hope we have in Christ, and the incredible joy that comes from the simple fact that our savior was born. He was born to save and change our lives. He was born because God didn't lose Hope for his people. I am thankful for my family, who not only walked with me each step as I was cooped up in the hospital by bringing me food, keeping me company and helping me through the healing process. but more importantly kept hoping with me. They hoped right beside me- hoping that I would be home and well enough for Christmas (which I am), hoping the meds would work and we'd see this infection start to clear up, hoping that God would give me strength to fight, and hoping for miracles. I cannot express the thankfulness in my heart for a day spent with my family who loves me just the way I am,with  time to rejoice in the life we've been given and time to celebrate Christmas with such love. Wow, what an amazing day. I am overwhelmed with hope, and overwhelmed with joy tonight.
Merry Christmas, dear friends and family. I pray you are as well, filled with hope.



Cara said...

This was such a beautiful post, Emily. I am so glad you were able to spend Christmas as home with your family. It's amazing what a little hope can do. :)

Cesar Shimabuku said...

Hi, well I am from Peru and I found you blog due to an article in the New York Times. I really like it, just today I had a very, very bad day and I felt horrible but reading your posts I re-discover hope in the things I do [and have to do].

Thanks for sharing these words and your experiences with us. I will keep reading ;)

PD Have a Happy New Year


Just surfing by and really liked the blog. May God strengthen you!

BP in Oregon

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