Friday, December 11, 2009

CF Wine Opener Event

Sunday I attended a first-time event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation here in Orange County called the "CF Wine Opener". A wonderful night of wine tasting and gourmet food tasting :). Multiple restaurants and wineries in the area came out and showcased their food and wine for all to taste and enjoy! Plus, Brian Malarky from the tv show "Top Chef" came to do a live cooking demonstration- that was the highlight of the night :).
I had dear friends Dannah and Brynne working the event with me (though we got to enjoy the food and atmosphere so we had a blast). The event was filled with incredible people supporting Cystic Fibrosis and raised $15,000 all going towards Cystic Fibrosis Research!! Many thanks to those who worked hard to put this event on and to those attending and supporting the event, it was a huge success and tons of are a few pics of Dannah, Brynne and myself working and having fun together :)
Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for me....Brynne and I selling Pirates of the Carribean mugs :)
Love you, ladies!


Michael said...

so fun!

holly said...

So fun!!! I really wanted to attend this but things got crazy. The holidays have officially arrived! I need your help Emily. I really want to start helping out at some of the CF events. I would LOVE to help with Pipeline to a cure and this wine opener next year also. I've filled out the CFF volunteer info on the site but they never ask me for help. Who do I need to speak with?

Thanks Emily! I'm happy to see you're doing well!

-Holly(Ojaio's mama)

Elizabeth & Shea said...

cute pictures!