Wednesday, October 1, 2008

*Dancing with the Stars!*

Yesterday, I got to go to Dancing with the Stars, Results show and see everything happen, live!It was awesome to see the dancers up close, the special-guest performer Jessica Simpson sing, and just be on the set and see the behind-the-scenes work, it was a blast. We even got front/center seats to see all the action, right across from the judges...maybe you saw me in the camera, here and there! I don't have any pics, because they don't allow cameras...but it was pretty fun :).
Thanks Jill for sharing your tickets!


Jaci Bounds said...

How fun is that?! I am not a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars, but I do watch it every now and then! It would definitely be fun to see live!

Jill said...

Dancing with the stars was awesome! I still have a blister on my foot though from those boots I wore. Ouch!
See you tomorrow!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That's AWESOME!! I love that show!