Friday, October 10, 2008

Not like I had planned

I haven't updated my blog in over a week and unfortunately it's not with fun stuff (though I did have a fabulous week!)
Today was not like I had planned...which comes with the territory of having CF. I spent the afternoon in the ER due to major hemoptysis. It started in the afternoon as I was just arriving to go to a meeting at work I heard the gurgling in my chest and sure enough, I coughed up full blood. Not good at all, so I went straight home.
A little about hemoptysis, then back to my story...hemoptysis can be very serious for CF. Sometimes it can happen after a lot of activity or coughing very hard, and sometimes it happens due to an infection and irritation in the lungs. If the blood doesn't stop, it can be very dangerous and is something that must be watched very carefully because it has the potential to get out of control.
So, because I didn't know if it would clot quickly and after talking with my doctor at USC, they advised me to go straight to the nearest ER just in case it didn't stop, that way I would get good care just in case it didn't clot. My wonderful mom and dad were with me to keep me company and endure the endless waiting and after spending the afternoon there, finally the blood began to lessen and they sent me home about 6:30 tonight, praise God!

I ask for your prayers this weekend as I will be resting and taking it easy- nothing too strenuous for 24 hours to allow the clots to heal (bummer, that means I can't surf as I had planned tomorrow...I was really looking forward to it). Pray my body can heal and the bleeding will go away- I'm praying this is not a result from an infection so I hope it's not too serious, but just irritation (maybe from the fires/ashes in the air, or from working out today?).

Thanks and I'm gonna go get some sleep now. Thank you Lord for watching over me, and letting me come home to sleep in my own bed tonight, I am so grateful.


Jaci Bounds said...

Love you Em! I pray that God would watch over you and give you rest as well as healing from the hemotosis.

Erin L. said...

Praying for you.