Friday, April 24, 2009

Hospital Time

I know, I know...I meant to post earlier this week, but I just didn't find the time nor energy to do so. I have been admitted into the hospital since Monday evening and it's been quite a busy week. I've been fighting an infection for about a month now and just haven't been able to kick it. So on Monday I visited my doctor for a check-up once again and my PFT numbers had dropped, I had a fever, and was so fatigued from being short of breath and coughing a ton that I was time for me to be admitted.

So, here I am. I have been getting excellent care from the nurses and docs here at USC. One of the biggest reasons I'm admitted and probably staying longer than I had thought is that I am on a drug that I am allergic to. Remember this post? Well, I am still allergic to Imipennum but as i turns out, it's one of the only meds that is successful in fighting the bacteria in my lungs. So I am stuck being on this med and suffering through the itching and burning sensation throughout my body each time it is infused through IV. Blech! I am taking drugs to counteract it, so far I am making it through.

I'll continue to post updates on here about how I'm doing and hopefully I can be headed home before the CF walk next weekend. It's been a challenging week, more on that later, but I know it was the right decision to come in and get my lungs back up to speed. I can't believe it's already friday!


Elizabeth & Shea said...

way to take care of yourself, Em!

Traci said...

yuck. doesn't sound like any fun... hang in there!

Katey said...

Sorry you had to go back in the hospital, but know you are probably feeling much better. I'm praying you have a quick bounce back and are able attend the CF walk next week!!