Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interview Update

It went great! I was interviewed for a show called "The Daily Habit" on Fuel TV and it will be aired next week, April 27th!
They asked me questions about CF and Pipeline to a Cure, coming up in just a few months- i'm getting excited! This was an awesome opportunity for Pipeline to get some press leading up to our event, Fuel TV is the channel for the action sports industry so many people who are into surfing will be watching :). Hopefully, they'll want to get involved in the event!

Overall, it was a fun experience- a real tv studio and a chance to share my heart for CF with people- can't wait to see it air. If they have it online next week, hopefully I can post it. If not, i'll post the date and time for anyone that has the channel to check it out!

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Jaci Bounds said...

So exciting Emily! That's awesome! I hope they post it so I can see your pretty famous face!