Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loving My Mom

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! My mom is pretty great, if you've had a chance to meet her, I KNOW you would see the amazing qualities that make her a woman I am so thankful for in my life. Here are some of the great things that make up my mother (this list could go on and on, but here is just a small sample):

-She is always sacrificing herself for the needs of her family
-Throughout my life she has always worked so hard to provide for us
-She has an amazing heart full of love for each person she meets
-She is one of the smartest women I've ever known.
-She is a prayer warrior, always praying for the people she loves. Her faith is glorifying to God.
-She makes me laugh when I'm grumpy :)
-She cooks yummy meals, Bon Apetit' style!
-My mom is a wonderful hospital companion- she gives up so much time and energy to decorate my room, bring me clean clothes, and keep me company through scrabble games and  great conversation.
-She is always supporting everything I do, she is my #1 cheerleader in life.
-She has an amazing ability to stay positive and encourage- she always sees the silver lining no matter what is happening.

Thanks, Mom, for being you, I love you :)

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Elizabeth & Shea said...

I love you, too, Mrs. Haager. You rock!