Friday, May 9, 2008

We're Walking for CF, Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we are walking for Cystic Fibrosis at Dana Point Doheney State Beach! The walk starts at 9am, anyone is welcome to join us or consider donating to our team.
Check out this link for more info:

I'm excited, my team is AMAZING. This is our 10th year walking and will be our best yet! TEAM EMILY is a huge joy in my life and this walk is always humbling- seeing people walk and work hard to raise money for patients like me...I'll be taking this weekend to pray for my team and pray for the CF patients around the world, join me if you like!

See you guys tomorrow, I can't wait!

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Traci said...

Hi Emily!! I found your blog through Jill's. I'm going to bookmark you so I can keep up with you through cyberspace. ha ha ha. I'm glad you're feeling better. How did the Walk go yesterday?? Love you!!