Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a night...

So many stories to tell, and many pictures to post...
I will give the highlights right now, and post more in depth stories at a later time. Right now, I am still processing emotionally, mentally and spiritually all that happened that night. But basically, it was an incredible night...

-$380,000 was raised towards CF Research!
-We filled all 600 spots, and then some
-The surfing industry understands CF and wants to do MORE to help find a cure!
-My speech went SO well- God truly intervened, took away my nervousness and the words came out exactly as I had prayed. the Holy spirit was with me, and with the people in the room.
-It was a fun night :)
-I was blessed by ALL my friends there to support me and work hard behind the scenes to help this event go on...knowing they were there to support me, I was humbled.
-All surfing companies and media can't wait to be involved for years to come...until a cure is found.
-God is working, I have a feeling that much is in store for me as I keep being involved with this.
-I was sustained physically thorough a long night of pictures, talking with people, and God shone through me.
-I was able to connect with families and CF patients that night, how awesome!
-Oh...and someone donated a Laird Hamilton Paddle board, and lessons with him, to me :). I am stoked!!

More to are a few pics with my friends (aka the awesome volunteers). I'll download some more, these are all I have on my computer right now.
Thank you all for praying for me- it was an amazing night, no words can describe it...


casey caston said...

Emily... what can I say, you were so amazing up there. I know that everyone that listened to you, went away effected by your speech.

I caught up with the owners of Oxbow on Monday. They were so blown away by your smile, spirit, and zeal for life. They both mentioned to me the most impactful thing you said. "my one wish is to live one day without planning around my treatments and meds." What they expected was a trip, car, material goods, but had no idea that CF was so unrelenting in its daily care. They resolved to be more involved next year, until a cure is found

Great job Em!!!

PandA said...

Emily, look at you! You're a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit! I hope you are well, and the Pipeline even went well. (P.S. I just started a blog, and added you to my links...) I'm sure I'll see you next time I'm up in DB w/ Brian & Danielle! Take care! :)