Sunday, November 1, 2009

So glad to be home

That's right...I am officially out of the hospital and home in my own house, sleeping in my own bed and eating homemade food! It's such an amazing feeling! I was discharged Saturday and after a discussion with my doctor we decided I would do another 7 days of IV meds just to make sure my body has fully kicked the infection in my lungs. I have two IV and one oral antibiotic that I'll continue for another week.

Because I spent the first 10 days or so of being sick fighting off the flu, my body still has some catching up to do to help fight this infection in my lungs. My lungs still aren't back to normal- my breathing still gets a little short and I'm getting tons of mucus out (which is a big sign that my lungs still aren't in the clear). Thankfully my flu IS gone (with sadly, the exception of my appetite's absence).  So, with another 7 days of IV meds plus home-cooked food some gradual exercise and my own bed, I'm hoping to be back up on my feet and rearing to go in my normal life very soon. 

I had no idea how much this swine flu took out of me I got until today, spending my first full day at home, all I wanted to do was sleep! I find that many times after I leave the hospital- though I am supposed to be resting, the hospital is not exactly the best environment for that. I am constantly interrupted, walked in on by doctors, nurses, interns, maintenance workers, you name it (if only they'd allow us to lock our doors....hmm...guess that would defeat the purpose of people taking care of you ;). Anyways, when I got to take a nap today without anybody walking in my room it was a beautiful feeling! 

This week, I plan on doing my very best to re-gain my strength and stamina and fully recover. And I am extremely glad to be doing it from home :). As I reflect tonight before doing my next dose of medication, I am so thankful for the incredible USC staff of docs and nurses who really took care of me and helped nurse me back from the pit of the swine flu. It was a huge blessing to have people managing my health care for me when I didn't have the energy or strength to do it. I am so thankful for the care I received the last 14 days and thankful to be home to finish up the healing process.

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