Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update on Denise

For those of you praying, here is a little update I've received today through a friend...Praise God, all has gone extremely well. Denise went into surgery yesterday at 4pm and finished just after midnight. By today at 3pm (less than 24 hours post-surgery!!) she was breathing on her own without any tubes, and by 7pm tonight she was awake and eating some Jell-O :)!! She is still in the ICU but everything is going great.

What an incredible miracle and also a mind blowing think that just over 24 hours ago she was breathing with her lungs and now she is breathing with someone else's lungs??! I mean, wow. I know she's got a huge road of recovery to go, this is just one step of the mile long process. But, she is doing very well and to be awake and breathing without support is an amazing feat. Please keep her in your prayers and I'll make sure I keep updating. Thank you friends and CF Community. I know she would be blessed to know she is being lifted up by so many.

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