Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swine-free is the way to be!

Here's a little update...bullet-point version style (Mostly because i'm so tired, I don't think I would make complete sentences!):

-I officially ended my IV meds this past weekend and pulled out my needle from my port on Saturday night! Praise the Lord, it feels good to be free!
-I am swine-flu free, no need to get the H1N1 shot, I've got plenty of antibodies to protect me.
-I am really wiped out, my stamina is low and I'm pretty sure my PFT numbers still aren't back to normal. I'll go back to clinic in 2 weeks to have a check-up...until then, I'm working out and working on getting my numbers back up.
-Went back to work today....so tired...but nice to be back...enough said :)
-Ready to surf? Not quite yet. Maybe after I don't get winded walking to my car after work. Hm.
-Appetite is back? Not yet....I'm working on it, it's slow but steady. My doc said the combo of meds I was on was pretty brutal, so even though my digestion is slowly getting better, my appetite is slow to return and it will once the meds get out of my system.

That's about it...stay away from swine-flu, peeps. It is a gnarly bug, I am blessed and grateful to be on the other side of it now :)

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