Friday, September 26, 2008

Health/Dr's Visit Update

Just a quick health update, it's been awhile...I went to USC on Wednesday and did a full check-up and met with the CF team, and it looks like I'm doing well! My PFT was definitely higher than it has been the last few weeks (not quite at my baseline, but it's getting there!) and I'm glad to be feeling back to normal- surfing, working, hanging out with friends !
I did find out a few not-so-exciting things (not terrible)
1. I'll be doing sinus surgery in about a month (whenever I get the approval from my insurance). Many CFers have sinus problems as well, basically having CF in the sinuses causing a ton of infection, blockage and polyps. So to alleviate symptoms and clear out infection (thus hopefully preventing the infection from traveling down into the lungs), I'll be having surgery in a month or so, it's a routine thing and it should be good for me. Not sure what the surgery will entail or when, so i'll keep the blog updated when it gets closer.

2. I now have "Osteopenia", early Osteoperosis. Because nutrients don't always abosrb into the body properly in CF, my bones are weaker than the average person. So, i'll be needing to take more calcium and do more weight-bearing exercises, not the end of the world... i'm happy to comply and get stronger :)

Other than that, the report was fabulous! I'm doing great and have recovered well after being in the hospital! Thanks USC for taking great care of me!!


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Katey said...

Hey I'm reading through some of your other posts. I had sinus surgery last year for the first time. I was lucky not to have needed it prior to my transplant. But I wanted to tell you that at least for me, it was a very minor surgery. I had no pain at all and it has done wonders for me. My ENT is very updated on all his technology and actually did the surgery through a scope. Besides frequent headaches afterwords and it taking a little while for my to feel "clear" was a piece of cake!

And also...i have osteopenia. I've had it awhile and take extra calcium as well as Boniva once a month. I think mine has actually gotten better since transplant.

Anyway...just wanted to send some encouragement regarding the sinus surgery! Good luck!