Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update: 2 Weeks

I've now had 2 weeks of IV treatment (in and out of the hospital) and I went for a check-up yesterday....The plan is for them to keep me on IV meds for 1 more week, and I will officially be done next Friday :). I am so excited!'s my health? My pulmonary function test numbers were up just a little (this test measures my lung function- tells the docs how much I am able to breathe in, out etc.). As of yesterday, my PFT was a bit higher bringing my percentage to 62% which is higher than it has been in a few weeks! That means, the meds are working and my body is fighting off this infection...I am getting better!

What's the plan? I'll do my IV's for 1 more week and still take it easy, not go back into normal life full-time just yet. I'll be working 2 days this week, just to get my feet wet, and then hopefully I can continue to gain my strength and feel more and more back to normal. I'll be trying to exercise (that helps bring my lung function up), and also resting a ton to let the meds and treatments continue to do their job without wearing out my body. If all is well, I should be back to normal (mostly) by next weekend! Yay!
Thanks for the continued prayers and's been an interesting few weeks, I may blog about it sometime soon. As for now, I'm going to take a nap, ahh how I love Saturdays :)
Love to all,

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