Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day with Laird Hamilton & Dave Kalama

Another step in this adventure with Pipeline to a Cure!

Surf legends Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama have decided to get involved and support Cystic Fibrosis. Tuesday afternoon, Laird, Dave, myself and a few members of the PTAC committee had lunch and did a video shoot and photo shoot for press release purposes...I am still in shock that I did this with such AMAZING surf legends!

Throughout the day, they asked tons of questions about CF, about my life, and I was open and honest about my life, faith and how I keep going through the day despite the amount of treatments and care I have to do. I kept my life pretty open and vulnerable, sharing all the ins and outs of CF- good and bad...and I also got the chance to share God and how HE is my source of strength through it all!

After lunch we did a PSA and some professional photos to be used for advertising and press for our event, so that was crazy to be filming and being in photos with these guys (they're so tall and huge! haha). But honestly, these guys were just a lot of fun, we really connected and they understood CF a lot more, it was pretty cool to hear them talk about CF and dive into the connection to surfing. Check out this pic from that day below! I think I'm still in shock at how big PTAC is getting, and God is definitely growing me in this process as I share my life with CF...more on that another time....
For now, good times were had with Laird and Dave, I am just blown away :). Pray for them and their involvement with CF- their endorsement and involvement in our event is huge!