Thursday, June 26, 2008

USC Update

Thank you for praying for my first visit to was a great visit! I spent the entire afternoon there- the visit was jam packed with chest x-rays, blood tests (yeah..they took 12 tubes of blood, I was a little woozy!), PFT's
and also a sputum culture. I also filled out a ton of forms about medical history and got to meet the entire CF team of a dietician, nutritionist, pharmacist, and respiratory therapist. I spent the most time with Debbie, the RN and clinical coordinator and also my new dr, Dr. Rao....Everyone was great! They took a lot of time to get to know me and help me get to know them, I was very impressed that they had read and discussed my chart beforehand, and they were VERY organized and ready for me- they made me feel very welcome :).

Considering this will be my new 'home' away from home for the many years to come, I was very impressed with the way they ran the clinic, I was impressed with their attention to keeping the clinic clean and exposure between patients low (We all wore masks and gloves, and nobody was in the waiting room together- CF patients can't interact as much due to the ease of passing bacteria back and forth), and they were very knowledgeable and personable...

Minus the drive and the farther distance, I think I'm going to like being a USC Trojan... :)


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