Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mauli-Ola Foundation- Benefit Concert

Saturday night the Mauli-Ola Foundation, which means "Breath of Life" in Hawaiian, hosted a benefit concert for Cystic Fibrosis! Their goal is to teach kids with CF how to surf so that they can benefit from saltwater and its great affects on the lungs (see this article for more info, i'll post more details at a later date).

The concert was great- we hung out in laguna beach and heard 2 different bands! The main band, "The English Beat" was the main crowd-pleaser :)...Good times!

I was their speaker for the evening. I had the opportunity to share my life's story a little, as well as how I am involved with Mauli-Ola, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We shared about the great things happening with Pipeline to a Cure also...Thank you Lord for good opportunities!

Here are a few pics of me speaking... and a shout-out to Casey, Meygan and Kylie Rae for keeping me company, it was nice to have some familiar faces to hang out with :)



~j~ said...

Good Morning!
I saw your post on Nate and Tricias blog and just wanted to drop in and say "Hi"! I believe i live north of you in Santa Barbara and attend Reality in Carpinteria Calif (our pastor is Britt Merrick son of Al Merrick-channel Islands surfboards)my husband, son and daughter surf so i know just a teeny bit about it ;).just wanted to encourage you in your blogging and to tell you how blessed i am by your posts. Will be praying for you and your beautiful life!
The Lord bless you...

Elizabeth & Shea said...

go Emily!