Monday, June 16, 2008

Pray for Tricia

A dear friend of mine with CF, Tricia, is incredible... Just this past year, she went through a high risk pregnancy, delivered a micro-premie baby, underwent a double-lung transplant and she and the baby have recovered remarkably all by the grace of God's hands in this 10 month process!

I am asking for prayers for her. She and her husband just found out that she has Post-Transplant Lymphoma, a type of cancer that commonly grows when the immune system is low and many immuno-suppresant drugs are taken after a transplant. She just got this diagnosis, and is back in the hospital (mind you, just this year she lived at Duke University Hospital in NC for about 5-6 months)...

Please keep she, her husband and little baby girl in your prayers, if you get the chance. For more info about their story go to Nate's blog at Confessions of a CF Husband