Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Officially Summer!

That's on the calendar is the first day of summer! And according to the thermometer on the back porch of my house, it is seriously summer because right now at 7:23pm its still 100 degrees outside...yikes!

Happy Summer to all this heat, you'll find me at the beach :)

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~j~ said...

Hi Emily,
yup, agreed, just got back from the beach..too hot!
thx for stopping by my blog. Anytime you are up this way and want to go to Reality we would love to have you. My daughter leaves for YWAM july 2nd so we have plenty of room for visitors!
Great pic of you and K.S.! he seems to spend alot of time up this way also.
Blessings to you and hope you had a great beach day.