Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hanging with Mickey Munoz

I should have posted this last week...but I didn't get the chance, oops!

Last week I got to surf with one of the most famous surfers in history- Mickey Munoz! He is now 70 years old and 100% on board with Pipeline to a Cure!

Mickey and I got to hang out and chat about my life with CF, he asked a lot of questions and wanted to hear all about the disease since he will be promoting it. I also got to hear some cool stories from all his surfing adventures and all of where life has taken him- what a cool guy! He was the first guy to surf Pipeline in Hawaii and is one of surfings biggest legends, I feel so honored to have surfed with him, wow.
I am so glad he will be involved with our event and I was blessed to get to know him- he was so down to earth, and has a huge heart, not to mention he rocks out in the water (thanks to Casey for letting me borrow his board so I could try and keep up with Mickey as he caught some awesome waves- it was fun to try a longboard!!)
Maybe i'll get to paddle out with him again soon, he's pretty awesome :)

Here's a pic of him I got off the internet (I just want everyone to see him- he's awesome)...sadly i forgot my camera with him, so maybe another time I'll get a picture with him.


Jill said...

Hey Em, that is awesome!
I can't believe what a professional surfer you're turning in to! We've got to go try it soon.
Love ya.

casey caston said...

Em... you forgot to mention that for every 1 wave we caught, he was on 5!!! Come on... at 70 years old this guys surfs better than anyone I have ever seen!