Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meeting Kelly Slater!

Tuesday, I met Kelly Slater- 8 Time World Champion surfer!! I was waiting to post until I had some pics, (because posts are much more fun with pics) but I don't have them yet. I'll post those when I get them...for now, the story...

What a day! We ended up with about an hour and 15 minutes with Kelly, which is WAY more than planned- God totally provided for some good time to really get to know him, and him get to know CF (and me). He dove right into questions about CF, looking me right in the eyes and really wanting to know how it works, how the lungs are affected, what happens with surfing/salt water and how you die from it...And I give all glory to God when I say that I was able to hold myself together and be vulnerable in my answers as we talked.

I was surprised and blessed by him. He's a genuine guy, as my friend Jay put it, "he's legit". When he was asking questions, he was serious, and intentional- he wanted to really know CF, and was interested in all I was explaining.
After some questions, Kelly did a PSA to announce his involvement in Pipeline to a Cure (PTAC) and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He's already got PTAC on his foundation website.

He did a PSA, and then we did a photo shoot with the two of us (pics to be posted later), and then, asked more questions He really wanted to understand CF, and we had a great time talking about everything from my portacath to the surf in the water (I can't believe I talked about the surf with the #1 world champ ;).

We finished with a conversation together on camera, to be used the night of the gala. I had the opportunity to thank him from my heart for his involvement with CF and share my joy for life with him. I was honored to have someone with such influence in the media and world supporting CF and supporting our event.

After a hug goodbye, it was all I could do to pray for him and just ask God to have spoken to him. I have no idea what impact was made, where his heart is...but I know that God was there with me, and His spirit was at work as Kelly and I talked, my prayer is that God was seen through my heart and attitude about CF. God is truly opening doors!
Pics to come sometime soon... ;)


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