Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Used to USC

After spending a night & 2 days on a normal floor here, I am starting to adjust and get used to the ways of's been great :).

I've had excellent care from nurses, and staff, and I feel like they really consider the needs of a CF patient here. I am starting to feel more comfortable, and I am also really glad my doctors are taking the time to get to know me as I'm here- I feel so blessed to have good care.

As I get used to it here, I've noticed a few differences that I enjoy here (not that I didn't have good care at my old hospital, but being here at an adult clinic for CF really makes a big difference). One of the biggest differences here at USC, is that I get freedom to live a more 'normal' life. I am, of course, doing long breathing treatments to clear my lungs, and i'm on 3 antibiotics and a constant IV, but despite that- they give me some freedom to walk around and go outside and enjoy the sunshine as long as CF-contact precautions are taken (meaning I wear a mask and gloves)! I was SO excited to go outside today :). At my previous hospital- they were more strict because they didn't treat CF on a regular basis. There, I was usually confined to my room and was barely given permission to go walk in the hall...

I'm glad that here at USC I don't have to wait 7 days to feel the warmth of the sun :).

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