Saturday, August 23, 2008

Life in the ICU

Good morning :)
I did survive the ICU for the night and things went well...they had me pretty busy with CT scans, blood draws, breathing treatments, x-rays, and then they did a 'de-sensitization' process for the new medication I'm on...which praise the Lord, i'm not allergic! Yay! That was the big hurdle to get over and since I'm not allergic to it and my body took the meds pretty well, I am hoping to be moved to the regular CF floor this morning or afternoon.

I will be glad to move, and hopefully get some quieter sleep...the ICU was not the best place for me to be resting. Glass doors with people looking in on me, machines beeping, people talking, and just being hooked up to all sorts of monitors and machines makes it a little harder to sleep. I did get a little rest here and there, but i'll be glad to be in a more-settled room downstairs... :)

It was an interesting experience, being in the ICU. I spent some time alone, thinking last night, and though it's a new place and a was a little scary for my first night, and it's hard to be in the hospital anyways, I was also feeling very thankful...Thankful for great doctors (that I'm starting to get to know) and nurses who really work hard to take care of me, thankful for good health care, thankful for incredible family and friends who support me and help me not to feel alone at times like this, thankful for being healthy enough to be 25 years old- God is good.

More later, hopefully next time I post i'll be posting from the CF floor...
time to eat my breakfast...(if that's what it is... ;)

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