Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Fever!

Is anyone else just LOVING the Olympics this year? I know I am! I usually crash by 11pm but since the Olympics have been on, i've found myself staying up till I just can't keep my eyes open! Gymnastics, swimming, diving, even beach volleyball (which i've never really watched)'s addicting...haha.

Anyone else doing the same? :)



PandA said...

Ha ha! You must have read my mind! I mean blog! ;) How are you doing?

Judy said...

Me too! It's so fun cheering for the Kiwi's cuz they tend to be underdogs in most of their events. Loving gymnastics, of course, and swimming (go Michael Phelps!). If I flunk out this semester it is definitly from watching Olympics instead of doing schoolwork :)