Monday, August 4, 2008

Glad to be home :)

I finally made it back home, to the earthquake-shaken california :).

After 2 weeks away, and over 24 hours of traveling to get home (American Airlines is not my friend), I finally arrived home this morning and am SO glad to be here!

Being away was awesome- I had some great time to really reflect on life, be with God, and spend some very quality time with my family from all over the US. However, I wasn't feeling too great physically and our bummer-trip home with cancelled flights and staying the night in Dallas, TX was not the best for me. I'm gonna need some good recoup time just from my vacation, haha. I ask for your prayers for my body- I'm tired, and my breathing hasn't been the best the last week or so...thanks.

Anyways, good to be home. I look forward to posting more stories of my vacation, pics, and many more stories and pics from the Pipeline to a Cure event that happened 2 weeks ago. God is really changing me, and I believe, leading me to use my life even more for Him. I look forward to sharing on this blog, all that God is doing and sharing all the fun that's happened in the last few weeks!
More later :)

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