Monday, August 25, 2008

Praying for Transplant Patients

One of the cool things about my room here in the hospital, is that it is directly below the helicopter pad. Because this hospital does not have an ER and is mostly a surgical hospital, the helicopters coming in are either patients getting transplants or organs being flown in for a patient to receive...I learn so much from the nurses I get to chat with :).

So just now, at 10am I saw and heard a helicopter coming in and landing above me. I have no idea who or what is in that helicopter, but I feel called to pray for the patients all around the world who are waiting for transplants for any organ, or receiving transplants either at this hospital or anywhere else. What a miracle it is to have a transplant and I can't imagine the emotions involved in both the patient and the donor's family. My prayers and heart are with them all, right now :).

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