Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm HOME!!

That's right...after 7 days in the hospital, I was given the 'yes' to go home today! I am so happy to be here, I just arrived and it feels great to be out of the hospital... I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight :)

How am I feeling, you may ask? Well, I am definitely feeling tons better than when I was admitted last Friday... However, I'm not fully better and I have another few weeks ahead of infection fighting and strength-gaining recovery to do. My lung function is still down, and my breathing is still short off and on. I am digesting my food better, praise the Lord, and I am no longer coughing out blood (sorry if that is too graphic for ya'll). So since I started to make some progress, and the docs know that I will take very good care of myself at home...they let me come home to enjoy the comforts of home plus home IV medications and treatments.

What's the plan? I will spend the next week completely at home, I've been instructed not to work or expend too much energy (I promised my doc as he graciously wrote the orders for me to leave, haha). The goal is to take care of myself as they did for me in the hospital which means I will still work do 4-5 breathing treatments a day to keep clearing my lungs, 3 antibiotics (2 through an IV) and maintain little bits of exercise and eating well to keep my body strong (that won't be hard because the food at home is a million times better ;).

Some thoughts/prayers for the next few weeks...
I wish that I could say that I'm back to normal, 100%, but that's not the case and it's going to take some patience as my body continues to fight this infection. I ask for your prayers once again, as this is almost a more difficult battle being more on my own. Being in the hospital is hard, but is a huge help because a whole staff is there to take care of me and help me when I'm not feeling well. Being home, I am more independent and it takes energy to remember my meds every 6 hours, do my breathing treatments every 4 and somehow fit the eating and sleeping in :). I've done this before, and my parents are awesome, and will be graciously helping me...but I ask for your prayers to pray that my body will heal and continue to gain strength as the infection continues to go away...I've made LOTS of progress so here's to another great week of getting me back on my feet.

You are loved...yes, YOU!
I don't know how to thank EACH of you for the incredible support you gave me. As I lied in bed each night in the hospital it could have been so easy to feel alone, the hospital is a difficult place...But each time I felt that, I knew that there was love and support pouring out from friends and family, and I knew that I had a community of people and my loving God to walk through this beside me. Living a life with CF is not easy, but having people to "live" it with you makes a world of difference. Thank you all for being with me when I am full of energy and feeling great, and when i'm battling the reality and severities that CF brings, I am incredibly lucky and joyful to have each of you a part of my life :).

I'll keep updating the blog as I progress, but for now, I am just glad to be home to eat dinner that my wonderful mom cooked! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend...leave a comment to tell me the fun things you did, if you want...i'll post here and there :)
Thank you for being with me throughout the week at the hospital, I am so blessed.

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Elizabeth & Shea said...

Hey Em,
Glad you're home! We just got back form my bro's wedding in MO. Tomorrow, we're having my in-laws over to our unpacked home for the first time.

love to you, my friend.